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Pets 'n' pampering

I'm pretty pooped, so having an early night tonight and a pampering session with my new Boots goodies.

I can't sleep without wearing an eye mask at night, so this year I've included one in mybath pampering set.

Pets 'n' pampering

Also, if you're looking for a gift for your girlfriend, best mate or maybe you're clueless as to what your sister may like for chrimble, check out all my Boots make-up sets. I'm so happy with the decadent packaging this year and have hand-picked all my favourite colours!

Happy shopping!!

Cat Times

For those of you who have enjoyed posts about my feline friends previously, here's a quick update!

Rudi, the old mad one, is still occasionally pooping on shoes and handbags, and we are still constantly forgiving her because she is too cute.

Pets 'n' pampering

Keloy is still fat and adorable. She still loves her tummy being rubbed and smiles alot!

Pets 'n' pampering

Tallulah is still dismissive and aloof at times but massively loving when she wants food...

Pets 'n' pampering

Peace and Love

FC x