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Fearne's Happiness Project

Fearne's Happiness Project

Today 'Fearne's Happiness Project' goes live on Pretty Upfront.

In this online series, I'm going to be exploring happiness from all angles and talking about different ways in which we can tap into our inner good stuff.

Most of us at some point feel we are lacking or missing 'the big H word', so we either instinctively - or consciously - start trying to work out what doesn't feel quite right, and what changes we can make.

I have found myself in this situation several times which lead me to want to really try and work it out. Was it something that was wrong with me? Was it the job I was in? The people around me? Or something I thought I needed?

After walking down many different avenues, I truly learned it was never going to be an exterior objective, and was going to have to be a shift from within.

I was going to have to rewrite my point of perception and learn to truly know that I was ok, good enough and was always going to have my faults. Understanding the mistakes I had made, that I viewed as huge wrongs, were actually just moments for deep learning, and knowing I would never be a person who didn't make mistakes. This has allowed me to be kinder to myself.

I know the activities that make me feel good, the people that can put a grin on my face and the lifestyle that suits my physical body.

Happiness is not permanent or something that you can buy or attain.

Fearne's Happiness Project

Happy moments are to be welcomed with open arms and a full heart knowing they will be in and out of our lives throughout. True happiness or contentment is knowing you can experience all emotions and thoughts, and still be ok deep down.

I'm still getting to grips with all of this and regularly forget what I believe to be true. For me, it's all about going with what feels good and fun and bumping into happiness along the way.

I hope you enjoy this series and it puts a smile on your face.
Fearne X