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Cook Happy, Cook Healthy!

Cook Happy, Cook Healthy!

'I'm more than excited to tell you what I've been working on. My first cook book will be out in June.'

Get yourself happy and healthy and pre-order now on Amazon. Available 2nd June 2016.

Fearne, a keen healthy baker and busy working mum, has found some great ways to eat well and eat clean.

Her first cookbook, Cook Happy, Cook Healthy, is full of easy, fast and healthy recipes for everything from breakfast and speedy suppers to baked treats. With an eye to food bills and time-poor households, the ingredients are easy to buy and few in number, and the methods are super simple.

'Most of the food you put in your body should have ingredients that make your skin glow, your hair shine, your body feel energised, your eyes bright and your kids and friends happy!' says Fearne.

'Even the naughty treats can have good stuff in them too! If you love cooking and baking and are happy, like me, to whittle away the hours with spatula in hand then hopefully you'll enjoy my ideas and recipes.'

Check out Fearne's Instagram for a her latest creations.