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Introducing 'Fearne On Fashion'

Introducing 'Fearne On Fashion'

Fearne has delved behind the scenes of the fashion industry for a revealing new video series premiering on The Huffington Post UK Style. In the 10-part ‘Fearne On Fashion’ series Cotton shares an eye-opening insight into the chaos of Fashion Week, the virtues of vintage and what drives us to buy the latest high street trends in droves.

Fashion gets me going. It makes my cheeks flush red with excitement, makes my heart swoon with lust and springs the cogs of my imagination whirring with intrigue. I’m a bargain hawk, a style binger, a fashion devourer. I’m not part of the fashion industry elite, nor do I subscribe to exclusively wearing designer clothes. I don’t think there needs to be rules or exclusions for certain people, tastes or budgets. Isn’t that the beauty of fashion? It is pure, expressive freedom.

This is what I adore the most about the intricacies of individuals’ decisions around their own personal style. How we present ourselves and choose to adorn our bodies is such a huge part of how people greet us and see us with fresh eyes. The ability to be chameleon-like and visually morph into how our mood suits on that particular day is such a joy, and something I find so fun.

My childhood was spent scouring Wembley market for tops for £1 that I could match with my slightly dodgy Spice Girl platform trainers. My eyes would widen and my heart rate would quicken at the possibility of spending my small amounts of pocket money on the best bargains waiting to be discovered. Electric blue puffer jackets, wannabe Adidas jogging bottoms, kooky T-shirts with obscure slogans. It was all up for grabs. My budget was minuscule but my lust was gargantuan, which lead to some nifty customising and an eager eye.

These days, although my taste has changed and my knowledge has broadened, I still shop in the same way. I still get that tantalising thrill from finding a second hand piece of clothing I know no one else will own. I still shiver with glee at the sight of a half price sale tag. I still love to mix and match the old, the new, the designer, the vintage. The possibilities seem endless, and the options, sometimes overwhelming. The temptation to try something completely new, just to see how it feels, is always close by. I might see somebody walking down the street who has a certain swagger about them, and the next thing I know I’m subconsciously scouting out a similar denim jacket to the one they were wearing.

Introducing 'Fearne On Fashion'

I often get obsessed with a pair of shoes I’ve seen online and think about them sporadically though the week, until late one night after a frantic day with the kids and work, I succumb to the draw of that certain webpage, and two seconds later I’ve hit BUY. The thrill, the excitement... which will only gather momentum as the delivery date draws nearer.

Maybe these shoes will give me that confidence I need for that looming meeting next week? Perhaps they’ll give me that spring in my step during a challenging day? Maybe they’ll just bring me vast quantities of endorphin-releasing happiness when I open the box to stare at them every now and then

Introducing 'Fearne On Fashion'

My love of clothes goes beyond experiencing that personal elation of an outward confidence boost and thrill. I am forever in awe of the creative genius that has gone into the craftsmanship of each piece and collection. The vision behind each seasonal transition and the hub of electricity that surrounds these creative types is always alluring to me. Designers who have stood out from the crowd amongst thousands and made their name the ‘must-have’.

What is that magical alchemy that has lead them to tap into a mass market wishlist of needs and wants? I find it so interesting how successful designers translate particular colours and silhouettes to appeal to so many out there, and continuously keep the ball rolling by changing their signature up time after time.

This series was a complete dream as I got to dive head first into the most exquisite, diverse and compelling wardrobe you’ve set eyes on. Interviewing designers, collectors, bloggers, fanatics and shoppers, as well as trying on some of the most divine pieces out there. I delved, I learned and I may have done a bit of shopping along the way. I mean... what did you expect? I hope you enjoy this series as much as I did making it.