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Fearne launches DJ booking agency Noisy Kitchen with East Creative

Fearne has announced her brand new DJ agency Noisy Kitchen, launched in partnership with East Creative, the team behind events such as Sink The Pink, Savage Disco and London's newest pop festival, Mighty Hoopla.

Fearne  launches DJ booking agency Noisy Kitchen with East Creative

Over the past year, Fearne's been working with talent agency East Creative on Noisy Kitchen, which launches with an eclectic roster of clients including the likes of Reggie Yates, Gemma Cairney, Gok Wan, Band Of Skulls, Fleur East and Melanie Blatt.

The new business will now look to provide and agency that is accessible to promoters and bookers across the industry, as opposed to specific markets such as fashion, club or private events.

'What East Creative do is pretty amazing,' says Fearne. 'I saw them grow from the stages of putting on random nights to the monster they have with Sink The Pink on their hands etc. And, knowing my background, they were looking to expand their business into the commercial sector because what they do, although huge, is quite niche. And they were getting asked for a more commercial set-up for certain events but didn’t have the roster or capabilities. Hence why we dreamed up Noisy Kitchen. Though it falls under the umbrella of East Creative, Noisy Kitchen is very much its own section of the company and is basically a commercial DJ agency.'

Fearne  launches DJ booking agency Noisy Kitchen with East Creative

'We’ve got an amazing roster of people – some weren’t currently represented, some were already doing bits and bobs for East Creative but didn’t have a management team or anyone doing their bookings. It’s a really strong, eclectic roster of talent that we’ll be able to go out and work at all manner of events.'

One of Noisy Kitchen’s biggest differentiators is its ability to cater for vastly diverse talent.

'The most important thing is having a really strong personal relationship with the people representing you,' Fearne continues. 'In this industry you can get a bit lost on a roster or your contact isn’t personal. We want each person we represent to know that we understand what they’re about, what their needs are, how often they want to work, what areas they want to expand in, and that there is an omnipresent understanding of what they want to achieve. Some people don’t necessarily have that.'

The heft of East Creative in the live events sector will also be crucial for Noisy Kitchen, said Cotton, adding that, while the company is looking to grow its client list, it is in no hurry to do so.

'We don’t have to be the biggest agency in the world, we just want to do what we do really, really well,' she continued. 'Luckily, with the minds behind East Creative and how brilliantly and organically they’ve grown their company, I don't think it has to be a rush. It’s just about doing it right and thoroughly.'

Jamie Tagg, East Creative co-founder, added: 'With the company moving more and more into creative direction, having a sister agency with Fearne on board to focus on commercial bookings for our artists makes sense.'

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