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Introducing Hungry Babies!

Introducing Hungry Babies!

Fearne’s yoga-loving tots are back, and this time they’re hungry! 

Introducing a brand-new children’s picture book written by Fearne and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey.Hungry Babies follows the same set of children from Yoga Babies as they go through the many perils of meal times – from big eaters to fussy eaters, breakfast at home to eating on the go, Fearne’s warm, funny rhyme reflects all aspects of eating with little ones.
Fearne says: “Being a mother you realise how fussy or strange kids can be around food. My two have very specific favourites and dislikes and it can be challenging at meal times. Sometimes it's a joy but it is also hard work in producing new foods to reluctant participants.

Introducing Hungry Babies!

Meal times in our house are usually pretty hectic! The kitchen floor looks like the Monday after Glastonbury Festival and I'm sweating. I try to get my kids to try new things. Rex is very good at this and loves the challenge where as Honey takes a little more work. Some days they eat every thing I put in front of them and other days not so much so I try not to worry too much. 

I think the book will deliver hope that kids will eventually try new foods, but also that it is OK if there is a meal time that goes a bit wrong. Food on the floor, kids spitting new foods out - I think the book is a fair reflection on a plethora of possible outcomes.”

Hungry Babies will be released on Thursday 6th September 2018, and is available to pre-order now at:

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