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“Alexa, open Happy Place Meditations!”

“Alexa, open Happy Place Meditations!”

Happy Place launches Happy Place Meditations skills for Alexa, a series of free, daily guided meditations you can access using only your voice. 

The Alexa skill (like an app for Alexa) acts as a companion to people in their pursuit to feel calm, balanced and relaxed. The meditations have been designed specifically for use on Alexa by Fearne and friend Zephyr Wildman, who is a teacher of yoga and meditation.

Meditation and mindfulness have become more mainstream recently but the key benefit of a voice experience is the ability to step away from the connection to phones and tablets which can be a distraction. We have made sure the meditations are suitable for people who have little or no experience of meditation, as well as seasoned veterans.

You can access a free, three-minute meditation each day to help with relaxation and focus plus there is an option to upgrade to a premium subscription. Subscribers will have access to more content and be offered suggested meditations based on the time of day; such as morning meditations to energise and evening meditations to encourage restful sleep. 

Voice is such a great medium for guided meditations. It allows people to access the content without lifting a finger, which helps them to stay focused in the moment. It’s great for encouraging daily meditation practice which improves wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for a way to address stress and anxiety, or want to bring calm into your life this skill offers helpful guidance away from distractions.

Meditation is a way of stopping the noise of the outside world and constant rumination in our heads. It’s a small pause in the day which allows us to find balance which is something I feel I need very much. Meditating is a wonderful way of learning about yourself and giving yourself some well-deserved time.

Just say, “Alexa, open Happy Place Meditations” to get started. Enjoy!