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Fearne & Very: Design, creativity and inspiration

Take a trip into the creative process with Fearne as she talks about her style, her influences and all her favourite moments of designing collections for Very.

'My love of design started at a very young age,' explains Fearne. 'Then, getting to a point where I get to do that as part of my career is a dream.'

And now the best part? 'Seeing people wearing the clothes... there's nothing more amazing.'

'After having the opportunity of having my own clothing range I then moved into homewear,' tells Fearne. 'It's a whole other language and it has been a real learning curve... but a lovely learning curve and I'm really chuffed with the ranges that we've put out there.'

'I'm not sure where the design journey is going to take me next, but all I know is that I really love it.'

So, what is next? Fearne says: 'Watch this space!'